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Before you settle. Before you say…”I’m through.” Before you say…”I do.” Come inside wife class with me and learn the secrets to getting the love you deserve.

What You’ll Learn in Wife Class:

The 10 Commandments of An Excellent Wife

Learn the 10 foundational principles that will unlock the love, passion, and fulfillment you’ve been looking for as a wife. This is your must have “play book” to win with your husband.

How To Know and Love a Good Man

Perfect men do not exist. However, good men do. Learn the 5 core traits of a good man; ways to make him a better man; and how to get more of what you need from him in the process.

Boundaries in Marriage - When to Stand Up and When to Stand Down

Learn the the power of boundaries: taking ownership and responsibility for yourself; giving up control of your husband; and gaining the courage to create the love you want.

Cracking the Man-Code

Every man has a “code” — a combination of things that make him “tick”, function at his best, and love you with all his heart. You’ll hear directly from a panel of great husbands and gain insight to discover your man’s code.

This class is a supernatural infusion of knowledge that will transform any willing wife into a spousal powerhouse! I'm telling other wives about this class so they can grow in this sacred space.

— Nikki Fleming


Includes full four-part video series, Class Rules guide, 10 Commandments guide, Boundaries worksheet, and Good Man worksheet. 

About Genette Howard
Genette Howard is the author of two books, Fight Stress & Live: 5 Simple Commitments That Can Save Your Life and The Five Laws Of Gratitude: Simple Shifts to Create a Happier, Healthier & Wealthier You. Both provide the information and inspiration people need to shift from surviving and thriving. Genette is a graduate of the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, a certified personal and executive coach for women leading in the ministry and marketplace, and serves as Executive Pastor of Howard International ministry.